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Parent comments

My son, Leon, now 10 years old, started lessons with Kim as a 7 year old. He had no reading or writing skills after two years at school. Since then, he has been taught regularly by Kim and has made steady progress. Last year he received an academic badge for outstanding academic growth over the year!!!   Kim teaches Leon many life skills and offers a holistic way of teaching. Leon adores Kim and has the utmost respect for her.

Janine Roubos

Honestly, my son was so far behind in reading and writing and his comprehension was not at all there when he was trying to read. Blake has been with Kim for two years now and the difference within him is amazing! Not only did he receive a merit award last year, he’s also got so much more confidence. I cannot thank you enough Kim, you helped our little boy shine.

Jana Simmons

School or Tutor comments

“The Progress in Learning series are an affordable set of resources which have been developed in New Zealand. They provide a structured, systematic method for assisting struggling learners to focus on sounds in words. I often recommend these resources to students to assist with developing their phonological awareness, which is an essential foundation for literacy skills.”

Angela Neville
BEd (Teaching), MEdPsych (First Class Honours)
Registered Educational Psychologist
Learning Matters

“Highlands Intermediate used Progress in Learning Programme for several years with great success. 
The students enjoyed using the programme and were able to work alongside their whanau each night for a short time completing the tasks. Some students worked with Teacher Aides for short times each day which proved successful also. The programme certainly provided the students with good strategies for reading and helped them develop good skills.The confidence in their own ability grew and they certainly showed steady progress. Thank you.”

Kathryn Hooper 
Acting Principal 
Highlands Intermediate School

“As a SPELD Teacher I have found the Progress In Learning books to be an invaluable tool. Children learn to identify the patterns within words and this helps them to read similar words.”

Kate Caldwell
SPELD Teacher

“Kim Morris has spent many years working with those who struggle with literacy. She is committed to utilising a range of strategies to help children succeed with reading and writing. Her book presents a sequential and integrative approach for teaching the skills of decoding and word attack. The tasks are presented in a clear, logical way and are easy to complete in a short time frame. My son and I worked together on these activities and after 6 months there was marked improvement in his decoding skills and confidence in reading. He now engages actively with the text and is beginning to enjoy reading. 
When children struggle with literacy it is likely they will face many challenges during their years of education. We should give them the chance to discover how they learn best so they are empowered to maximise their learning potential. This book is a valuable resource for parents, teachers and those who need extra literacy support.” 

Dr Catherine Rawlinson 
Senior Lecturer in Education

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  1. My son Caleb had reading lessons with Kim for over 2 years. During this time his reading and writing skills improved immensely. We were very happy with his progress and the difference it made with all areas of his learning at school.

    Lisa Jenkins

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