Numbershark HOME Download


Numbershark HOME Download
The digital download version does not require a USB or DVD as all the information is stored in the computer. Steps to follow:

  • Purchase the download version for either Numbershark or Wordshark.
  • Provide your name, physical address and e-mail address.
  • You will be e-mailed instructions on how to download and install the software, together with a link containing numbers and letters. This is the licence key.
  • When prompted, insert the licence key to activate the programme.
  • This is a one off payment and the licence has no expiry or annual renewal charges.
  • The licence is linked to a single computer but can be deactivated to move to a different one if required.
  • Delivery is via e-mail within 2-3 working days.
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Numbershark HOME download
(Up to 2 student accounts)