Progress in Learning – Book 1


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The program is based on a common-sense approach to reading using a structured and cumulative phonic system of word patterns. Irregular words that occur in the English language are gradually introduced and the students are taught to decode longer multisyllabic words as the reading series progresses.

The book is an invaluable resource for use within the context of the regular classroom and in working with those children and adults who are dyslexic.

Purpose of the books

These books can be used to teach students how to:

* Read faster

* Read with greater accuracy

* Decode longer words

* Spell with greater accuracy

* Write simple sentences correctly

* Listen more effectively

* Understand the meaning of simple sentences

Who are these books suited to?

* Parents to use with their children who have reading, writing or language difficulties

* Dyslexic students who are reading below the expected level of achievement

* Teachers, teacher aides and specialist teachers who work with dyslexic children as part of their reading and writing programme at home and at school

* Students who are reading adequately but wish to accelerate their progress

* Teachers who need a list of words which are taught systematically and in word families

* Peer tutors who may wish to help younger or less able students more effectively and can read with them

* Adult literacy students

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