Touch type Read and Spell Course (TTRS)

Touch type Read and Spell Course (TTRS)

Touch type Read and Spell Course (TTRS) – 3 Minute Overview Video

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Touch type Read and Spell (TTRS)

Touch- typing is an important skill that anyone can learn and with regular practice can be mastered.

Touch type Read and Spell (TTRS) online computer course is designed to improve literacy and keyboard skills. Proven over 20 years, TTRS is highly successful at improving reading, writing, spelling and self-esteem through the medium of teaching touch-typing in a unique, dyslexia-friendly way. Taking a phonics based approach, the course is suitable for all students, and is particularly appropriate for poor or non-readers with special educational needs or learning differences. TTRS is designed for students aged seven and above – the defining characteristic being that the hands are mature enough to sit comfortably on a keyboard.

Benefits of touch-typing with TTRS

  • Learn to type faster
  • Improve productivity by getting more work done
  • Learn to focus on the screen not the keyboard, as you type
  • Develop healthy computer habits to reduce the risk of long term injury such as a stiff neck, sore wrists and poor posture
  • Read accurately and fluently
  • Spell correctly

Why TTRS is so effective

  • Incorporates structured word lists from the book ‘Alpha to Omega’ by Beve Hornsby – based on the works of Orton-Gillingham
  • Uses a unique, multi-sensory, phonics based approach, developing literacy, confidence and self-esteem with measurable success right from the start
  • Supported by an substantial number of research papers, user testimonials, and specialist articles
  • Proven worldwide for 21 years – in thousands of schools, homes, colleges, and charities

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Touch-type Read and Spell Course - laptopCourse venue

The course is supervised in the computer lab, ACG Strathallan Primary School, Hayfield Way, RD1, Papakura, Auckland. The school is located on the Hingaia Peninsula in Karaka, close to the Auckland Southern Motorway.

Session times

Supervised sessions are provided certain weekday mornings before school (8am-8.30am) and lunchtimes (1.15-1.45pm). Contact Kim for detailed information regarding times and availability as this can vary from term to term. A home course is available if the student is unable to attend sessions at the school.

Duration of the course

The course is run termly and can take a few months to complete, depending on how much time the student dedicates to practice. It is structured and cumulative, progressing from level 1 through to level 24 with the reading and spelling of the words becoming more advanced through the programme. Students benefit most from at least an hour of TTRS per week.

Cost and access to the course

  • Half hour supervised tutoring session at school – $15
  • One hour of supervised tutoring weekly (2×30 mins) – $30
  • Home course – $7 per week. (Online only, completed independently at home with the tutor supervising administration, providing a termly report and providing support if necessary)
  • Holiday access can be arranged at a reduced rate.

Full time access to the course is available in ALL the above sessions

How to enrol

  1. Advise me by e-mail of your child’s name, class and session times you prefer as well as your contact details, including your full name, e-mail and phone number.
  2. Your child is invited to attend one free session to try out the programme. For students who are out of the area and are doing the course at home, I will e-mail parents the log in details for the free trial. Once your child has given it a go, let me know if you would like to enrol your child in the course.
  3. Parents will then be sent a letter of registration, login details and an invoice.
  4. Once payment has been made, the course will be activated and your child can start the course.

Ensure that they have their log in details for access to the internet if they are ACG Strathallan students. If not, I have a guest log in which they have access to.

Feedback on progress:

Progress can be viewed at any stage in real time and termly reports are provided. Supervised students are provided with progress certificates at the end of each term.

I look forward to helping your child develop this essential skill.






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