About Progress In Learning (PIL)

About Progress In Learning (PIL)

Progress In Learning is an educational provider of key resources. We have learning support and strategies for effective, wholistic learning.

Kim Morris, Managing Director, is a specialist teacher. She has trained to work with children who have dyslexia and associated learning difficulties. She has registration with the SPELD NZ Association (Cert. No. 1515).


  • H.D.E. Junior Primary
  • F.D.E. Remedial Education
  • B.A. Degree
  • SPELD NZ Certificate Course in Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment 1B
  • Intentional Creativity Teacher
  • Art Teacher for The Seasons Art Class – Kerikeri
  • Author

Passionate about helping students who struggle with their learning skills, Kim empowers educators, parents and students to make a difference in their lives. This is reflected in improved in academic achievement and emotional wellbeing.

Services and resources offered include provision of reading and activity workbooks, computer software, online typing courses, individual and small group tutoring, home programmes, inspirational art workshops and related products. Children are encouraged to reach their potential in a supportive and caring way.